Understanding ADHD Today

October 04, 2013

doctor talking to a childOctober is ADHD awareness month and I am here to teach you more about what ADHD is, symptoms, how you can get tested if you think you have ADHD and new developments on the horizon. With this knowledge it will not only make you more aware of those around you with ADHD but also more tolerant.

What is ADHD?
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is something that affects young children and can continue into their adult life. Symptoms include an inability to pay attention for long periods of time, having a short fuse or getting frustrated easily during a task. These behaviors affect children at home and at school. ADHD is also common in adults. Adults with ADHD will have issues with time management, setting goals in a professional setting and they will sometimes have difficulty holding down a job.

ADHD Symptoms in Children and Adults

Children will experience

  • Is easily distracted
  • Is forgetful about daily activities
  • Avoids or dislikes activities that require sitting still or a sustained effort
  • Talks excessively
  • Has difficulty waiting for his or her turn
  • Often interrupts others

Adults will experience

  • Chronic lateness and forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Impulsiveness
  • Low self-esteem
  • Procrastination
  • Mood swings
  • Issues maintaining relationships

ADHD Possible Causes
There is no one complete cause for children being diagnosed with ADHD. Doctors have concluded that it could be due to a couple factors including: genetics, poor diet, exposure to toxins like lead, injury to the brain or a chemical imbalance that children will be born with.

Ways ADHD is Tested
First, the doctor will begin taking a medical history examination of the child as well as a physical examination including blood tests. If no physical disorder is found the doctor will recommend the child go and see a specialist in childhood development disorders.

ADHD Testing in NYC
It wasn’t until July 2013 when the Food and Drug Administration announced that they had approved the first brain wave test to diagnose ADHD in children. The test is very similar to EEG’s that are administered to people who have experienced major head injuries, where sensors will be attached to the children’s head and wires attached to the plugs will also be put into the computer so that doctors can read the brainwaves of children to measure different electrical impulses. Doctors had already discovered that certain types of brain waves were more connected to children with ADHD compared to those without ADHD. So far this has been the biggest progress in ADHD testing in NYC.

During this month I encourage you to read up on recent news articles regarding ADHD developments and I hope you will also talk to your friends about the symptoms of ADHD, the more you talk the more it will break the stigma of these types of behavioral disorders.

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