Psychological Testing Disorders Explained

June 19, 2013

From an overall perspective, both psychologists as well as psychiatrists take different routes in determining the reasons behind maladies that have inflicted themselves upon their patients. Psychiatrists will tend to take into account various behavioral factors whereas psychologists will tend to take a medical approach. However, both have the right type of training to deal with a variety of psychological disorders.

On the other hand, both psychiatrists as well as psychologists will make use of psychological tests to determine the extent of their patient’s condition. These tests can also shed light upon a number of other connected factors by providing the medical examiner with detailed insight into a person’s life. These tests are essentially divided into different categories because each deals with a different part of the personality of a person. If you have any psychological testing NYC questions please contact us today.

Intelligence Tests

From a psychological perspective, the exact definition of intelligence is defined as a person’s ability to adapt to changes quickly as well as the capacity present within a human being to learn from various experiences. Therefore, Intelligence tests are designed to shed light upon how well a person is going to be able to handle changing scenarios within his or her life.

Projective Tests

Psychological disorders can also be determined by using projective tests that are specifically designed to gauge the actual measure of a person’s personality. There are two types of tests that are quite common; the Rorshach as well as the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT). The basis of these tests is to identify the sort of feelings and emotions that a person projects while attempting to analyze his or her surroundings.


This is yet another test that is designed to reveal a variety of important information concerning the personality of an individual. However, since this test is more structured and objective, the insight that it reveals within the personality of any human being is considered to be more reliable as compared to the results put forth by the projective tests. Self-Reports commonly make use of a test known as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) which was developed in 1943 and then revised in 1989.

Mental Status Exam

On the other hand, psychologists as well as psychiatrists tend to use the MSE to determine psychological disorders. The purpose of this particular test is to determine how well a person is going to function in terms of his or her mental capabilities. Therefore, it can also be categorized as a test that allows the determination of a person’s overall psychological health.

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