My Son/Daughter is Impossible!

August 21, 2013

Children Play Fight While Having BreakfastAs the saying goes, children will always turn out to be a product of their parents. Some parents are able to foster good values and morality within their children whereas others are not able to provide the sort of environment that fosters such personality traits. Whatever the case may be, the most important and formative years of your offspring will generally be their teenage years. It is during this time that you, as parents, are going to be tested and it is during this period that your children will show some indications of the human beings that they are going to become.

Teenagers tend to be quite rebellious due to a variety of reasons. Some teenagers will rebel against any type of oppressive environmental factor that they are subjected to such as ones that will generally curb their independence. However, sometimes mental illnesses can be mistaken for rebelliousness. The only person who can tell you the difference between a teenager suffering from a mental illness or just being rebellious will be an individual such as a psychologist in Queens NY. If you feel that your child may be afflicted with some sort of mental malady, do not hesitate to contact an expert since mental diseases can be managed quite easily if they are identified during their early stages.

Even a rebellious teenager can be reasoned with if you know how to talk to him or her. Girls and boys are going to have different types of reactions. For instance, during their teenage years, girls will also be hitting puberty and their bodies will go through changes which can be overwhelming at times. Emotional instability can be one of these issues however it should not be mistaken for mental illness particularly in regards to girls. The best thing for you to do in this case is to talk your child on his or her terms. Try to make him as comfortable as you can by relating examples of your own childhood. Sometimes, the only reason why a child will not talk to you openly is because he or she might think that you will end up judging his or her reactions.

Therefore, the first thing that you can do is to ensure your child that you are there for them regardless of whatever the situation might be. If you can convince them that you are not their as judge, jury and executioner, there is no reason why your child is not going to respond positively. Nevertheless, sometimes such tactics may not work and if you feel that your child is uncontrollably emotional, you should definitely take a closer look. Mental illness can be a combination of uncontrollable emotions mixed with actions that will not seem to be normal in any circumstances. In such scenarios, it is in your best interests to get in touch with a psychologist in Queens NY as soon as possible.

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