What Does a Forensic Psychologist Do?

October 21, 2013

Legal Books in a CourtroomIf you have ever watched Dr. George Huang offer a clinical interpretation of suspect’s family history or interpret a victim’s behavior after a violent crime, you may have an inkling of what a forensic psychologist does. However, life is more complex and challenging than any drama presented in the most gripping episodes of Law and Order: SVU. As forensic psychologists with decades of real-world expertise, we would know.

Forensic psychologists play a crucial role in the work place, the criminal justice system, and the family court system. They provide psychological analysis and expertise in a broad range of cases. They may provide insight into the motivations behind a crime, an assessment on a parent’s capacity to care for his/her child, or an evaluation on the emotional intelligence of a formerly incarcerated individual. Forensic psychologists often encounter individuals at some of the most vulnerable and painful periods of their lives. While every forensic psychologist seeks to provide a clinical assessment that is sound and unbiased, the best forensic psychologists do so with compassion and sensitivity.

The Criminal Justice System
Our clinicians at Comprehensive Consultation Psychological Services are among the most respected and experienced forensic psychologists in the country. We provide comprehensive post-incarceration assessments for individuals who have been serving sentences and advocate for the optimal service options for each case. A well known forensic psychologist in NYC and member of New York State Psychological Association’s Forensic Division, Dr. Sanam Hafeez has received professional recognition for her exceptional forensic psychological evaluations through her appointment to the 18-B Counsel Plan.

Recommendations and Assessments
Forensic psychology is a broad field that extends far beyond the court room. Our clinicians can provide thorough assessments of employees who are embarking on the journey back to normal life after a traumatic incident. We are adept at assessing individual aptitudes and emotional needs and are highly sought by the legal community to assess the mental and emotional competency of those who may stand trial. Many individuals do not understand the impact of their actions; others simply are not able to understand. We bring a nuanced, careful perspective to each competency evaluation.

Understanding human behavior is challenging and often daunting. When individuals are experiencing trauma and stress or are in the midst of serious legal difficulties, such understanding must come from a professional, experienced source. Our forensic psychologists bring decades of insight and diverse professional experiences to court-ordered, legal, and forensic evaluations. If you seek further information on the specifics of our services, we invite you to read more.

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