Common Causes of Stress

June 25, 2013

As much as we may try to avoid the subject, stress is a natural part of life and has to be deal with accordingly. Historical evidence collected over the years has indicated that the number of people who are burdened with massive amounts of stress in today’s day and age is much greater than what it was about fifteen years ago. The reason behind this significant increase can be attributed to a number of distinct factors. However, one of the most important causes of the rise in stress is associated with competition at work that forces people to push themselves beyond their limits in attempts to succeed.

Regardless of the reasons behind why people feel stress, it is important to ensure that you recognize that you are stressed out and are aware of the ways via which you can end up dealing with it. Other than the fact that stress can lead to emotional trauma, it can also negatively impact a person’s physical health. If you think you need some assistance then click here and give us a call!

Common Causes of Stress


For the most part, stress is linked to pressure at work. In today’s day and age, globalization and technology has led to a significant increase in competition. Job shortages as well as the decline of economic activity all over the world has resulted in forcing people to fight for ways to acquire consistent income for themselves to support their families. Therefore, the average individual now remains in constant fear of not being able to perform well at work which would eventually result in his or her lay-off.


On the other hand, individuals also feel stressed out because of the burden of debt that they have accumulated over the years as well as monthly expenses. The more you earn, the more extravagant your lifestyle will become which will eventually mean that you are going to have to work extra hard to ensure that you are able to maintain your source of income. Also, loans and lines of credit are quite common which means that many individuals are continuously anxious about debt servicing.

Major Life Changes

Lastly, stress can also be attributed to changes in lifestyle and relationships. The loss of a loved one can be extremely hard to bear whereas ending a long relationship or going through a divorce can also have the same sort of negative impact. Even the loss of a job can lead to stress. Any major changes in your life that are not accepted positively can lead to stress.

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